How To Compress Or Reduce The Image Size

The image size is also matter for content creator many people don't know that How to Compress or reduce the image Size.
How To Compress Or Reduce The Image Size

The image size also matters for content creators. Many people don't know how to Compressor reduce the image size. If creators can upload a big image, so when they upload a photo on their website, it can create many problems for a website. Using a large image can make the website slow and severely affect users, which is not suitable for your website.

Images are essential for your website content value because if you don't add photos in your post, people don't understand what you are talking about because with the help of images, people can know or learn many things. If the image size is small, the benefits are that your websites full load in 2 seconds, which are very good for your website ranking and SEO. 

That's why I will tell you How to Compress or reduce the image Size by doing these easy steps on your mobile phones.

What is Toolur? 

toolur is the best and most usable image compressor website. Toolur Image compressors are using for reducing the image size. You can easily resize images, png to jpg, Gif maker, jpg to PDF. You can find all these tools on one website. 

Image compressor toolur are beneficial tools in blogging. It can help you a lot when you are uploading the image on your website.

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How To Compress Or Reduce The Image Size

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How to use Toolur? 

Toolur is the most usable image compressor website. There are millions of people who are using tooler websites for their business or personal use. 

This website interface is straightforward. That's why everyone can easily use this website, but you need to know that too toolur contains multiple tools for images. That's why after opening the website, you only need to click on the image compressor and then follow the steps mentioned below.


If you open the website from another source like Google, you can see multiple options then select image compressor after opening the website. 

If you are opening the website from the link, I am giving in this article. You don't need to select an image compressor.

Follow Easy steps

  •   Click Upload images.
  •   Choose the image you want to Compress. 
  •   After uploading, set image quality to 50%.
  •   Then click Compress image.

That's it. By using these simple steps, you can Compressor reduce the image size of any picture you want. You can also use other tools in the color image compressor.

(There are no effects on your image quality if you reduce or Compress the image)

Image Compressor: CLICK HERE


I hope you can understand now How to Compress or reduce the image size. The steps to minimize image size are very simple, but they could be unsuitable for your website if you miss them. Image compressors are also used for your image SEO because if your image size is small, your website optimization will automatically increase. My opinion is to Compress all the images which you want to post on your website.

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