Free Online Computer Courses With Certificates | Apply Now

Free online courses with certificates | Apply Now

There are many online platforms where you can learn Free online Computer courses with certificates and you can easily learn the skill you want but the true is that many of them are not free but I am going to tell you about best free online courses where you can learn the real skill that you want and when you finish you can easily get certificate and then you can begin your journey to be a successful person by doing online earning jobs related to your skill. 

Top 5 computer courses


With the help of Inpage you can write urdu in you computer with this skill you can earn money by online writing jobs in urdu or you can work in any office Government or private you can says that if you really need to do online earning in Pakistan then you need to learn this skill. 

Web Designing 

If you really want to earn money from home then you really need to learn this skill because if you have this skill you can Design you customers website and earn money easily because everyone are now using the website you can notice that in 2021 the demand of Web designing are growing very fast that's why you this skill can help you a lot in future.

Audio editing 

The Audio editing skill are very helpful in voice editing people's are making there voice better and noise proof when the making a video on YouTube or voice overing someone projects Etc.

You can see many videos on YouTube where people making video in public but you can say there voice very clearly because of audio editing. 


Freelancer is the best skill to learn in 2021. What is Freelancing? Grow your Online Business. if you want to earn money from home in freelancing. After learning the freelancing skill you can apply for a job or start your own work in home.

This skill can easily help you to earn passive income by doing simple work in home with the help of your Internet and computer. 

Ms word 

Ms word is the most usable software in the world in office work. You can learn this skill and apply for a job because after completing the course you can get your certificate and then you can easily work on any office and if you don't get a job then you can work from home.

Learning Ms word is very helpful to get any job and it can also help you in any field soo if you have time you need to learn this skill.


There are many paid courses which are too much costly for you but I mentioned Best courses to study for the future. There are many others courses but I mentioned only that courses which are easy to learn and you can easily finish the courses in some days.

My opinion is that not to waste your time if you have time then you need to learn all the courses because all of them are really helpful for you in future. 

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