How To Create SEO Friendly URLs In Blogger

How To Create SEO Friendly URLs In Blogger

There are many questions on Internet about How To Create SEO Friendly URLs In Blogger. If you do proper SEO in your post article but you missed the one step and you don't make your URLs SEO Friendly. If you don't create SEO friendly URLs so you can face many problems in your post ranking on Google. In this article I am going to tell you How To Create SEO Friendly URLs In Blogger but first you need to know some basic knowledge before creating SEO Friendly URLs. 

Why we need SEO Friendly URLs

If you do proper ON-PAGE and OFF-PAGE SEO in your blogs post but you website still not ranking in Google so you can easily say that the reason is that you missed one factor and that is you don't create SEO Friendly URLs. 

That's why making SEO Friendly URLs is helpful for you to growing your website and ranking your post doing proper SEO including SEO Friendly URLs can give you organic traffic from Google. 

if you Create SEO Friendly URLs In Blogger your traffic increases automatically so you can get traffic from other High CPC value country and the main benefits is that your earning will be increased

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How To Create SEO Friendly URLs

You can easily make you post URLs SEO Friendly by doing some simple and easy steps. 

Avoid stop words 

If you don't know about stop words so I am telling you some basic about stop words so you can easily understand. There are some stop word which Google don't allow to use in URLs and if you use stop words in your URLs then your URLs is not SEO friendly. 

Stop words : A, The, Of, And, For

You need to avoid stop words which are mentioned above and don't use it in your URLs.

SEO friendly URL examples

I am giving you some examples about  URLs so you can easily know that How To Make URLs SEO Friendly In Blogger.

For Example: if you write a post in your blog and your blog post URLs looks like this. 

Simple permalink

According to you this post URLs is perfect for you but its not good for your website and post SEO because you are using stop words like a, and for in URLs you just need to change it. 

After changing your SEO Friendly URLs looks like this. 

SEO Friendly permalink

This URLs is proper SEO friendly because in this time there are no stop words using in this URLs.

How To Change permalink in Blogger 

If you don't publish a post in Blogger then before publishing you can easily create your SEO friendly URLs but if your post is published so how to change the permalink? 

you can easily change the published blogger post permalink by doing simple steps. 
  • Open post that you want to change 
  • Click revert to draft
  • Now Click revert to draft 
  • change your permalink. 
(In the top of editing area you can easily find an eye button in the right side you find drop down arrow open it) 

Note: if your post is already index in Google then please don't change the permalink.


If you want to grow your website and you really need to see your article ranking on Google first pages like other websites then you need to do proper SEO in your post and URLs. 

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