How to Write SEO Friendly Articles in your Blog

with the help of On-page SEO technique you can Write SEO Friendly Articles in your Blog and easily rank your website in google.
With the help of Search Engine Optimization, content creators are growing or ranking their content on the first page of Google. Millions of organic traffic are visiting their website. The result is they are Earning Money with the help of their website because they are doing proper SEO in their content.

How to Write SEO Friendly Articles in your Blog

On-page SEO Techniques

SEO Friendly Title

The Title is critical in Search Engine Optimization. If your Title is not SEO Friendly, no one will click on your t title. You need to add your focus keywords in your Blog title and make a catchy Title that forces users to click on your Title.

Image SEO

You saw when someone searches on the Internet, what SEO is? In the Google pic tab, you can see thousands of images you can find because of proper image SEO.

How to do Image SEO

Image SEO is the critical step in the Blog. You want to find Free Copyright images Websites for your Blog, then choose one image related to your topic. 

Image SEO steps

  •  Use images (640×360) 
  •  Compress image 
  •  rename image to your Blog title 
  •  Use alt text images properly

Note: using the size of the image (640×360) is good, but if you can't find the exact size, you can choose the pic you want and easily compress the image size because if the image is 100kb or more, it can make your website running speed slow.

Start Heading With (H2)


In blogger or WordPress, the default heading of the post title is (H1). That's why we need to start our post heading with (H2). We need to add our focus keywords in the post title, so Google can easily remember our topic and rank our article with the other related topics in search engine Google.


Start your post with an intro. Use focus keywords in your Blog post starting point. It would help if you wrote a powerful introduction that users can read and be excited to read all articles. Tell your readers about your post in 4 or 5 short lines so users can quickly know your topic. You can also suggest some main points about your post in an intro.

If your intro is powerful, the user can read all your articles suitable for your Blog.

Main Body

In the main body of the blog post, you can tell your readers about your post topic with details. Write SEO Friendly blog posts using your focus keywords in your principal body.

Remember: You need to make your focus keywords Bold or italic

Note: Don't do too much keyword stuffing in your content. Add keywords in limits in simple words if you want to write 500 words post in a Blog. You need to add 7 to 10 keywords in your post, and if you are writing 1000 words article, you need to add 17 to 20 keywords in a blog post. 

Internal Linking for SEO

Add links in your post body. Suppose you write a category on the related topic of your post. In that case, you need to add your other related post link to the article. 

For example, suppose you are writing an article on Search Engine Optimization, and you have a proper SEO category. In that case, you need to add your other post link to the topic because if the user is reading your article, they are interested. They want to see your other post.


Write (1000+) Words Article

The dream of every blogger is to get Adsense approval fast so they can earn money. But many people don't know that How many posts require for AdSense?

Generally, suppose you have 30+ articles containing 1000+ words on each post, and you do a proper SEO in the center. In that case, you have a 100% chance to get AdSense approval.

Add Conclusion or Opinions 

You must include a conclusion or thoughts at the end of your article since you have told all about your post. Now, tell users what you think about this topic. What methods are you using, do you personally using this method Etc. 

When you tell users about your opinion, it can help your readers. There are a 100% chance readers can give you good feedback, share your article, and visit your website in the future.

SEO Friendly Permalink

Permalink is the link that you can see easily in the link bar. You want to make SEO Friendly Permalink; you need to put your focus keywords in your Permalink and don't make your Permalink too long. Write a medium-short Permalink that is no longer and no small and easily remember and read by users and search engines.

For example, suppose you are writing an article on SEO and want to tell users about SEO. In that case, your focus keyword is Search Engine Optimization

Your Permalink: HTTPS://

That is the proper SEO Friendly permalink.

Meta Description SEO

A meta description is a description that is showing when our article is on Google. First, we see Title, Permalink, and then Meta description. This process is the same as Permalink, but the difference is that we need to add only 150 words of description because Google doesn't show long meta descriptions. At the same, we need to add our focus keywords in the description.


Tags are essential for writing SEO Friendly articles. If you are using blogger, you can see the labels option in the right side setting menu. 

You can add your post-related labels so the reader can easily find all your posts related to your tags with a single click. 

( labels can also know as categories in blogger) 


In the post, I tell you all the essential SEO techniques that I use and still using. After doing proper SEO, I see many changes. I get organic traffic by Google search. I hope you will know that How to Write SEO Friendly articles in your Blog. If you are a beginner at blogging, this article will help you a lot. 
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