6 Major Tips to Increase Blog Traffic Fast

This article discusses 6 simple ways that generates Blogger site traffic and in many cases improves SEO-search engine Optimization.

This article discusses six simple ways that generate Blogger site traffic and, in many cases, improves SEO search engine optimization. Using these steps will significantly increase your chances of ranking your site in search engine results for major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN, thereby increasing the number of visitors to your site.

1. Customize Your Tagging Theme

One of the most significant changes required for a Blogspot blog is to change the title tag of your website, as does not create these search engines automatically. To check this point, visit each post on your blog, and you will see the name of the command followed by the first name that appears in the title bar at the top of your browser. That puts your site at a disadvantage in search engine results because search engines have a high value in input words. Unfortunately, it is easy to override the blog name and post name with simple changes. For instructions on changing the order of these tags, see my article titled Edit Blogger Title Tags to Improve SEO. 

2. Create Search Engine Friendly Permalinks

Every time you post, Blogger automatically creates a permanent link based on the content of your post. For this reason, it is essential to structure your subject carefully. Permalink can sometimes be less than perfect, especially if you have a long head. You will find that it is a friendly search engine as it has two words and a blogger permalink. However, you might be wondering how to create welcome search formalin for blogger posts, not the content of this post and advanced formalin for blogger posts. I used the main title first. After the post, I went back and added a more descriptive title. How many times have I changed the title? That is the title of the original license 

3. Add Social Media Buttons to Your Blog

By adding a social bookmarking button to your website, you will direct your blog visitors to create links to popular bookmarking sites like Google, Technorati, Facebook, MySpace, Tick, Stumble, Reddit, Tasty, Furl, Yahoo. That will help draw more traffic to your site and encourage return visits so that visitors to your site can share these links with others. Another benefit of the public bookmarking button is finding visitor styles and social bookmarks on your site. For more information on how to add gifts, check out the Add This Social Bookmarking Button to Your Blogger Blog 

3. Submit your Blog's Sitemap to Popular Search Engines

If attracting traffic to your site is essential to you, you need to ensure that your Blogger blog is well-coded by search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. One way to speed up this process is by submitting a sitemap to the three major search engines. View your site and add my website feed to Google Webmaster Tools and MSN Webmaster Tools. See my website delivery tutorial. 

4Build Quality Links

If you want to use Google and other search engines, you need to build quality binding links. There's no need to exchange links with everyone. I'll see what some new webmasters do. Some quality links from authorized sites will rank your page faster and significantly higher than links from smaller sites. There are many great ways to build links to your blog. Another easy way to get your site visited is through blog tips. Please see my article Post Your Blogger Blog in the Blog Guide for more information about suggested blog posts. Another way to build linked links is to submit your best articles to article references. The third opportunity is to actively participate in forums and other related blogs, where you can add a link to your site. I recommend linking to DMOZ (Open Directory Project) and Yahoo Web Directory. Be careful not to move your site. Listing can take a long time, so patience is required. 

5. Make the Most of Web Statistics Services

After indexing your site using a few search engine optimization techniques and hundreds of Google search engines, chances are you want to see how these changes affect traffic to reach your location on Yahoo and MSN. Web analytics programs are a valuable tool for gaining insight into audience behavior and capabilities. 

Would you please integrate Google Analytics into your Blogspot? Blogspot View my articles Add Google Analytics to your Blogger Blog Followers Blogger Blog. 


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