Advanced Digital Marketing for Startups Founders

The increase in eCommerce and digital marketing in 2021, to name two, as well as the seismic upheavals in social media advertising prompted by the...

The increase in eCommerce and digital marketing in 2021, to name two, as well as the seismic upheavals in social media advertising prompted by the iOS 14 upgrade, have all resulted in some exciting advances in digital marketing over the last year.

Advanced Digital Marketing for Startups Founders

There will be a lot to catch up on if you plan to advertise your startup in the coming months. In the past eight years, Hawke Media has worked with thousands of startups, and I can honestly state there has never been a better moment to get started.

So, let's take a quick look at what's going on in digital marketing right now and what we know will happen next.

Making Plans for Your Startup's Marketing Strategy

Companies with extra finances run the danger of overpaying on initiatives that deliver genuine, long-term benefits. They'll run ads everywhere in an attempt to dominate their market with a sudden brand presence, with no consideration for their target audience or critical demographics.

Most startups, on the other hand, do not face this issue. Marketing expenditures are typically limited.

When every dollar matters, concentrate on the message that will most successfully attract your target audience. That entails knowing your target audience, where they reside, where they congregate online, and what will entice them to adopt your brand.

Spread Your Budget Thinly, But Stay Focused

A combination of hyper-focused ads on important audience segments is something we will see more of shortly. We are not yet at the stage where we can offer tailored ads to each individual, but key demographics within your audience will undoubtedly respond better to some ads than others. Through brand awareness, conversions, and retargeting, who may deliver each audience group messages across various channels in succession.

That is due to two factors. For starters, viewers are rarely confined to a single medium these days. They dispersed their attention over a variety of social media channels and content outlets. As a result, companies become omnipresent rather than being "always-on" on a signal channel, following their consumers wherever they go.

The second reason is that we now have the capabilities to integrate advertising across various platforms so that messaging remains consistent without being repetitive or dull. If someone likes your video on Instagram, they may be targeted with follow-up messages and retargeting on YouTube, Google, or Facebook.

Traditional A/B testing is on its way out, while AI is on its way in.

A/B testing is presently one of the most effective methods of internet advertising. It assists marketers in ad optimization by testing two ads simultaneously with a variance between them, such as the picture or title. You retain the one that performs better, discard the other, and test another variant until you have found the best version of your ad.

While A/B testing isn't costly, it is time-consuming. When deciding on variants, it frequently depends on guessing or imitating what has worked for other businesses in the past.

Influencers Are Critical to the Success of Startups

In the last two years, influencers have been critical to the success of numerous startups. It's an excellent method to gain quick visibility for your business, as well as the ever-important third-party validation. Rather than relying just on ad content, your brand is marketed to your target audience by individuals they already know and trust.

Whether they have millions or just a thousand followers, the finest influencers today are those who give accurate material and have won their followers' trust. That means that your connection with those influencers must be genuine rather than based only on a payment.

A good influencer would aim to provide more than simply a product endorsement to their audience. They want to offer special deals or vital information about your company that aren't available elsewhere. So, after you've determined who your core market will be, the ideal time to start engaging with influencers is likely now, far before your launch date.

Genuine Interactions are more critical than ever before

At Hawke Media, we've observed that the most influential influencers are those that take the time to connect with their fans on a human level, either directly through their live content or simply by reacting to comments. We've seen this across the board, and it's a lesson that applies well to companies that want to engage their consumers - genuine interactions are typically the quickest way to win over an audience.

Live events, for example, are becoming increasingly popular as long as they are delivered on a platform that audiences can accept. The old-fashioned webinars that forced listeners to be spectators are no longer available. People nowadays want to connect with live events and participate in discussion panels. These events mimic the in-person experience without requiring anybody to leave the comfort of their home offices, increasing loyalty and fostering a feeling of community.

Where is Be Will Digital Marketing in the Future?

Last year, Hawke Media hosted eCommerce Week LA with over 45 panels and workshops, over 100 presenters, and over 7,000 participants. With eCommerce Week LA 2021, we're holding another exciting week of events geared mainly for startups to explore what's going on in the sector and what we expect to happen in the coming year.

That isn't your typical live conference. You'll be able to join us from anywhere in the globe as we talk with venture capitalists, rock-star CEOs, mentors, best-selling authors, pro athletes, and some of the most significant changemakers in their fields. I can't think of a better method to separate the truth from the rumors or to feel inspired and motivated for the following year.

Startup entrepreneurs and teams are welcome to attend eCommerce Week LA 2021 for free online. So sign up today to book your VIP spot at the year's most exciting e-commerce event.


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