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8 Top Funding Options for New Tech Startups

All new businesses, especially tech startups, must worry about funding when they first begin. Many people have fantastic business ideas that will never be realized owing to a lack of funding. Starting a startup is not simple. Therefore you must be fully committed and motivated.

8 Top Funding Options for New Tech Startups

You should grasp your current situation and why just half of all startups in the United States survive the first five years. Only 30% of those will stay for ten years. It's an indication that your odds of failing with a startup are more significant than your possibilities of succeeding. As a result, you must be more focused and dedicated to obtaining the funding you want for your business.

Here are 8 practical pieces of advice to keep in mind while seeking funding for your startup tech business.

1. Make a Fantastic Business Plan

Anyone considering investing in your business wants to know what they stand to gain from it. It would help if you had financial predictions for your business because this will entice investors. A business plan will also demonstrate to investors how your business will operate, your identity, and what your business will provide the market.

Your business plan should include a comprehensive market study. It would help if you emphasized the many holes that your rivals have ignored, as well as how you intend to address them. Make sure your business plan has an open organizational structure that outlines numerous roles and duties for business stakeholders.

2. Ask the help of your friends and family

Friends and relatives can also contribute to your business's funding. They may be prepared to invest in your dream business and offer the necessary funds as well as guidance. Funds from friends and family will arrive with little to no interest, and your business's cash flow will improve. There is, however, a significant danger that your connection with these individuals will worsen if you rely on their funds but do not give a return.

3. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has been a fantastic source of funds for several startups in recent years. You might try out different crowdfunding platforms geared toward startups, such as the ones listed below.

  • CircleUp
  • Fundable
  • AngleList
  • Crowdfunder

You will be in luck if you connect with the appropriate investors on these platforms since they seek the next best business to invest in. Make sure you choose a well-known crowdfunding site so that your business is discovered by those who are eager to invest. Do you have reservations about using crowdfunding? You should be aware that many large companies began here.

4. Make contact with Angel Investors.

All businesses frequently go through several stages of funding. Startups, for example, the transition from Series A to Series B and C financing as needed. An angel investor is crucial in the initial round of funding. The investment is frequently indebted, and it consists of much more than just cash.

Angel investors are typically more active in the early phases of your business and can assist. Following this step, you will be entirely on your own. Angel investors often act alone or as members of a committee.

5. Consider a local bank or an online lender.

Do you have a strong working relationship with your neighborhood bank? If you answered yes, you have a high probability of receiving a loan. Provide your business plan and presentation when asking for a loan. Approach this loan with a high level of professionalism. If the bank refuses your loan, you must not give up your search for funding.

You might instead resort to other online lenders. You can, for example, look into US Business Funding and Lending Club Business Loans. These lenders can provide you with the funds you require to get your business up and to operate. Askanydifference has compiled a helpful list of advantages and disadvantages.

6. Grants

Government incentives are available to certain new businesses. Visit grants to learn more about the choices available to you.

7. It would be best if you Funded It Yourself.

Do you have a sufficient amount of money set aside? It is simple to apply to your business. One advantage is that you will not be relying on others who may be interested in your firm. However, it may be dangerous, particularly if you lose everything if the business fails.

8. Partnering

Many great businesses began as partnerships. The appropriate partners can contribute solutions and ideas to your venture because they share liability. Pilota Asia notes that selecting a location with low tax rates is a huge benefit. To get started, look into this Singapore business incorporation service. Even better, you may divide the earnings based on the profit ratio.

Best Survey Tips For Customer Insight: 4 Ultimate Tips

One of the most common methods of gathering client feedback is to listen during one-on-one sessions with consumers, which is an old approach. Online customer satisfaction surveys allow you to poll clients with a scale on issues that might otherwise go neglected or dismissed to stay on the positive side. Doesn't it seem like fun?

Best Survey Tips For Customer Insight 4 Ultimate Tips

Here's some quick advice: Client satisfaction surveys are only helpful if you ask the appropriate questions in the right way, at the right time, and without unnecessary delays. As a result, developing and releasing an effective and meaningful customer satisfaction survey is a complex process.

Now, we'll go through some tried-and-true strategies for transforming your surveys into a steady supply of valuable consumer feedback.

Why do Customer Satisfaction Surveys exist?

Let us first discuss why customer satisfaction surveys are essential for any organization nowadays.

Customer happiness is one of the few strategies businesses may use to differentiate themselves in crowded and competitive industries. Nowadays, the brand with the best customer service typically wins because high levels of customer satisfaction are essential predictors of client and customer retention and loyalty.

Not to mention that poor customer service can actively hurt your business in the long term. The average American consumer, for example, will tell 16 other individuals about a negative customer experience. It takes roughly 12 good encounters for a brand to compensate for one unresolved lousy expertise. Isn't it fascinating?

1. Keep your surveys brief.

Whether online or offline, the fundamental goal of any survey is to be clear and concise by finding the quickest method to ask a question without explaining too much. It's not only about reducing the number of characters; you should also eliminate superfluous language from your inquiries.

It is critical to select an appropriate online form builder for your survey that allows you to compile everything succinctly. At the same time, survey duration is essential for maintaining low desertion rates. Consider the last time you sat down and completed a 20-minute quiz. It most likely never happened.

2. Only ask one question at a time.

We've all been bombarded with a barrage of inquiries, such as, "How to do you like our website?" Would you recommend our product? "Whither or why not?"

It may begin to feel you are being questioned by a police officer who will not let you finish your sentence. If you want great replies, give them enough time to think about each topic. When you bombard individuals with several questions at once, you'll receive half-hearted responses from people who are just trying to get to the conclusion of your survey – if they don't quit before then. Instead, keep things simple by focusing on a single issue at a time.

3. Use Yes/No Questions.

While phrasing a question with a single outcome, frame the questions with a yes/no option. Several studies have shown that yes or no questions are excellent starting questions since they are more straightforward for consumers to analyze and finish, increasing engagement.

This issue does not necessitate a scale such as "valued, not valued," and so on.

A simple yes or no response is quicker for the consumer and should provide you with all the information you want. You might even follow it up with the next question.

4. Provide Survey Respondents with a Gift.

In most situations, enticing customers to respond to your survey makes sense. According to a variety of studies, incentives can increase survey response rates. These incentives may take the shape of discounts, freebies, or account credits.

Your reward should be financially feasible for your brand. You may be concerned that providing a freebie to survey respondents would reduce the quality of their replies, but studies indicate that this is not always the case.

Effective Customer Survey Examples

1. Asana

 Asana understands that business professionals don't have much time to complete long surveys, so they make it brief.

2. Twitter

Twitter is another excellent example. They promise to question consumers about all aspects of product usage and satisfaction on a regular basis.3. 

3. Amazon

Most visitors will not take the time to provide a detailed evaluation of a product or their purchasing experience. With the following short and targeted survey, Amazon efficiently obtains the input required to ensure that future customers know which size to purchase to be completely happy with the purchase.


Customer satisfaction surveys are a powerful and necessary instrument if you want to earn hearts and loyalties for your business. You can enhance your product, service, and overall customer experience with their feedback, resulting in higher revenue and more loyal consumers.

5 Amazing Tips for Monetizing your Website

Do not expect to make money just because you have a website with regular visits. Creating a successful monetization strategy and driving relevant traffic that converts takes time and effort.

5 Amazing Tips for Monetizing your Website

Many website owners try out various strategies before deciding on one or more methods for monetizing their sites. In the end, figuring out what works and what doesn't boils down to trial and error.

Let's take a look at some of the most effective website monetization methods that should assist struggling website owners.

1. Using Affiliates to Market:

Beginning with affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to get started. However, keep in mind that you do not require to overload your website content with affiliate links and buttons.

Assume you have a website not designed for affiliate marketing, and you suddenly change the content to promotional material. In such a case, your existing visitors are reluctant to return, and attracting new website users is challenging.

Consequently, if you want to pursue affiliate marketing, you need to be smart about where you put links so that they are not as apparent. Aside from inserting links inside articles, you may create side banners with images advertising affiliate products. Still, these banners should not be too large.

The affiliate marketing solution you choose is now heavily influenced by the specialization of your website. ClickBank, Amazon, and eBay are all examples of large affiliate programs. On the other hand, you may search for niche-specific products or services to promote to your target demographic.

Affiliate marketing aims to drive as much traffic as possible to product landing pages, hoping that redirected visitors will complete the call-to-action. At the same time, the browser cookies are still active. You may need them to purchase a product or download an application, for example.

For each successful conversion, you will be paid a commission. So if things start to pick up and you start converting at least a few percent of your total website visits. Of course, it would help if you were more than happy with the amount of money affiliate marketing gives you.

2. Advertisements:

Online advertisements are harder to pull off these days. Yet, many websites still depend on advertising as their primary source of income.

In addition, online advertising has developed. As a result, what was possible ten years ago is no longer the case.

At the moment, there is an emphasis on mobile devices since they account for almost half of all internet traffic. It implies who should optimize ads for smartphones and tablets, and desktop computers.

Video ads are also often used. Thanks to easy solutions like the sticky video player, users can create inPage, inBanner, and in-app video advertisements. As a result, it is now easier to incorporate professionally-looking online advertising that is not over-the-top and discourages website visitors from ruining their experience.

3. Fees for Membership:

Paid membership sites are not as easy to set up as some people think. First, there is the issue of why anybody would bother paying for a website membership when there is virtually definitely a free alternative.

Such concerns are still preventing website owners from implementing the premium membership model. But, surprisingly, several benefits may not be evident at first.

Membership websites promote collaboration and dedicated communities. Furthermore, they provide website owners with a pre-qualified audience for marketing and upselling. Growing an extensive network also establishes you as an industry expert. Finally, as the site grows and your value rises, the community will keep you on your toes and encourage you to produce the best content possible.

Checking all of these boxes should be enough to turn a membership site into a dependable source of income. You may look at additional revenue techniques in the future, in addition to the membership cost.

Before establishing a membership site, consider the various platform options. Kajabi is currently one of the best general membership site systems due to its low cost and easy-to-use features.

4. Digital Products:

There are two methods for selling digital goods on your website. The first alternative is to create your items. The second is to collaborate with other content producers and sell their wares.

Both methods have benefits and drawbacks. For one thing, selling your goods gives you complete control over everything. Thus, it decreases the need to depend on others. At the same time, you may lack the required resources to regularly develop enough new product ideas, much alone guarantee quality. Furthermore, if you spend too much time developing a digital product that does not sell, you will squander valuable resources.

Meanwhile, selling other people's goods means more quality control. Still, it also means you get to build potentially valuable connections and avoid running out of ideas.

Before selecting a choice, consider which of the two options is better. Of course, you may also take the simple route and advertise both your own and others' goods.

When promoting digital goods, offer your website visitors only relevant and high-quality information.

If you have a health blog, you might create a workout program or offer healthy food recipes. As a video editor or professional copywriter, you might create an instructional course on Skillshare or Udemy to select appropriate work equipment. Communicate with customers, or sell yourself via different marketing channels.

Finally, since selling digital goods is more straightforward than selling genuine items, you won't worry about shipping or other expenses.

5. Advertised Material:

Even eCommerce websites increasingly include a blog as part of their platform. The trend is evident, and it entails more than simply creating content for increased SEO juice.

Having a blog enables you to make money by selling guest material. This method of monetization is simple. First, you seek individuals who wish to publish an article on your website in return for a do-follow link to help their SEO strategy.

The number of people interested may surprise you. Still, there are many blog and website owners that wish to publish content on other blogs.

In addition to making money, you will benefit from the content. However, keep in mind that you should look for duplicated content as well as overall quality. Failure to do so can result in harm to your website.

Start with LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media networks if you're unsure where to search for leads. Then, join relevant forums and market yourself as someone who encourages people to publish for your website.

Once you've worked with a few website owners, expand your network and use them as a reference to get more leads. Individuals will contact you directly and seek to publish their works on your site before you realize it.


Overall, these five website monetization methods should be helpful to website owners that are having difficulty making money. You may pick one of the methods and concentrate on it, or you can try to combine many ideas and see where it leads you. However, remember that success does not come easy. To be successful, you must put out some effort.

Guest Blogging Business: Where to Start

Guest Blogging Business: Where to Start

It is critical to guest blog correctly since doing it wrong can cost you. It has the potential to cost you viewers, respect, and Google love. The incorrect method is to write a generic article with links to generic blogs without regard for your aims or audience.

Doing all of the above is the proper method to guest blog.

Know Your Goal Ahead of Time

Your content should direct readers to a specific page rather than your main page. Make a plan to capitalize on the blog article by redirecting blog visitors to a very distinct and particular website.

Make a Special Giveaway

Don't simply donate a blog article; contribute a special giveaway tailored to the blog readership for which you're writing the guest blog post. It will appeal to the blog's readership and owner, who will enjoy giving away something unique.

Create Follow-Up Content

After you've written and published a guest post, you'll want to create follow-up pieces on your site about related topics. It will also assist in linking the fresh content to the guest post.

Consider guest posting to be a long-term strategy.

Don't labor for the short-term gains, but rather for the long-term gains that guest blogging may give today and tomorrow. If you play your cards well, a well-written guest article can pay you for years to come.

Make Certain that a Guest Post Improves your Credibility.

When writing a guest post, you want to make sure that it both makes you and the blogger for whom you're blogging seem good. A blog post's purpose is to give you the illusion of authority, expertise, and being in the know.

Link to your Guest Blog Posts.

Make sure to link back to that blog post from time to time in other material you create on your website and blog. It will make the blog owner pleased, as well as the search engines.

Answer Comments

Respond to comments on the blog article for at least the first couple of months (if not longer). You may also utilize these questions to generate new blog articles, in which case you should respond to the blog post with a link to your new blog that answers their question.

If you do these things, not only will each guest post pay off for you, but it will also pay off for the blogs for whom you guest write. Because your pieces do so well in terms of numbers and return on investment, you'll soon be sought out as an authority in your area and may even command money for guest posts.

How To Track Visitors to Your Blogspot Blog

How To Track Visitors to Your Blogspot Blog

A tracking and statistical system is an essential tool for anyone wishing to build a profitable blog. It is valuable information about how people found your blog, the keywords they used to see it, and how long they lasted.

Benefits of tracking visitors to your site:

There are many benefits to keeping visitors to your site. You will first clearly understand the amount of traffic coming to your site with details like accommodation and travel time. This type of information can help direct content to meet the specific needs of your audience, such as age and lifestyle. It will allow you to expand your range and reach a larger target audience.

Another benefit is that as your site grows, you will get styles. The analysis system will provide an overview of the results of various strategies you can use, additions such as social bookmarks and links, the success of obstacles and places, and digging. You can increase traffic and see areas where you can improve by pointing to specific words.

Without this type of information, it isn't easy to measure the effectiveness of your site. Suppose you are interested in expanding your site, and I hope you will gain access to analytics. In that case, it is essential to determine where to place your strengths. If you decide to sell your site by taking down the route, you will need solid proof of your site's level of traffic.

How do you add statistics to your blogger blog?

How do you add statistics to your blogger blog?

To add tracking and statistics to your Blogger blog, you must enter a security code in your template. It is direct action. For a step-by-step tutorial on adding Google Analytics to your Blogger blog, see my previous article Add Google Analytics to your Blogger blog.

This article covers the pros and cons of adding statistics and monitoring to your Blogger blog. An analytics program can help you track your blog's audience and understand traffic trends. Improve your Blogger sites now by adding a free tracking and statistics system like Google Analytics, Site Meter, or Stat Counter.

Jazz Free Internet 2021 New Code Unlimited Internet

Jazz Free Internet 2021 New Code Unlimited Internet

Jazz free internet 2021 New Code is available now during COVID-19 millions of people are in the home there life is still dull. Still, Pakistan No one network Jazz super 4G gives their customer jazz free Internet code, so the customer stays connected with their friends and family during COVID-19. The free internet codes are still working in 2021.

What is Jazz? 

Jazz is the Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited. They are providing mobile network and Internet services all over Pakistan. It is the most usable mobile sim network in Pakistan. There are 62 million followers in Pakistan who are using the jazz 4G network. 

Jazz always care their customer by giving different types of offers like free Internet code Etc. 

In COVID-19, Jazz gives their customers lockdown free internet offers, which are still working in 2021. That's why I will tell you how to use free Internet on the jazz network and about Jazz Free Internet 2021 New Code. 

Jazz Free Internet Code Lockdown

Jazz gives their customers free internet code lockdown to stay connected while they are in the home there are many expired codes. Still, I will tell you Jazz Free Internet 2021 New Code that is 100% working. 

How To Avail of these Offers 

Jazz users dial *117*72*3# to activate the new jazz 4G sim offer for free. After dialing the code, you receive a pop-up Msg then you successfully get the 500 MB Jazz Free Internet. You can now enjoy your 4G free Internet for ten days. 

Jazz Free Internet 5GB New Code 

This Jazz Free Internet 2021 5GB new code is still working in some mobile sims. You can try it because this code workes on many people's sims. We hope it will work on your sim too. 

You can get Jazz free internet 5GB offers for free by following these simple steps. 

  ●Dial this code *676*2# from your dial pad 

  ●Get 5GB free internet 

  ●Valid for three days

Enjoy your free Internet with Pakistan's fastest network Jazz 4G. 


There are many free offers and free internet codes that are giving by network providers. You can quickly get the code by our website push notifications subscribe button. If we publish any articles on free Internet or offers, you can promptly notify us. Use this Jazz Free Internet 2021 New Code and enjoy free Internet.

How to Increase Website Traffic Without SEO in Blogger

If you're a new blogger and you're looking for a quick and efficient method to increase traffic to your website or blog, you've come to the right place, and this post is for you. This article will teach you how to attract millions of visitors to your website using social media marketing.

Learn how to boost website traffic without using SEO in Blogger. It's simple to start a blog, but it's not as simple to drive people to it. That is why many new bloggers erase their blogs for the simple reason that they get no or little no traffic.

Top 5 Ways to Boost Blog Traffic

1. Youtube

YouTube is the most excellent and most popular place to obtain genuine and organic traffic to your website. You can increase traffic by creating videos and including a link to your website in the video description.

"Many people cannot afford a PC, but if you have one, the procedure is the same as with Android."

If you don't have a PC but have an Android phone, create any video on a subject you like or believe is beneficial.

For example, if you want to create a job movie, you must first compose an employment essay. After you have written the article, you must create a video by screen recording it on your mobile or PC, then mention your job article in the video and provide a link to the job application on your website. Don't forget to include your website URL in the video description.

Groups on Facebook

Billion people use Facebook to create groups for their friends and family, work, entertainment, pleasure, and other Facebook groups that bring people together. If you need traffic to your website, Facebook is the most excellent place to go, and you should join groups on Facebook.

For example, first and foremost, I will provide you some pointers on how to share your article link on Facebook.

  • Don't share too many links.
  • Join many language groups
  • Join many country organizations.

If you have a recipe website, you should join all the groups relevant to your subject and then publish your website article link in the group since the people who have joined the recipe group are very interested in food recipe posts. Therefore your material is beneficial to someone.


Pinterest is the most popular source of traffic for content producers' blogs and websites. You'll also note that if you Google anything like "what is SEO?" When the results are showing, you will see that the first item is trending, and the same piece is trending in the fifth or fourth place, but the article is on Pinterest.

That is why Pinterest is so effective at boosting website traffic. Whether you have Pinterest followers or not, you should check this website to improve your blog traffic.


Reddit, like other social media sites, is the most popular source of traffic. According to Alexa, Reddit is ranked number 18 in the world. You can get a lot of traffic from this website by doing simple things like posting your article on Reddit, adding 3 or 4 lines from your writing, adding the article image you need to post in Reddit, and linking your article URLs in the post, then publishing the article and manually approving it by clicking the Approve button.

how to increase your website's traffic for free


This website teaches you how to increase traffic to your website and get unlimited traffic because, on this website, you must answer other people's questions. If you know, you must answer any question. Finally, suppose your article is related to the answer. In that case, you must include a link to your related article in the post. That is all there is to it.

For example, if someone asks you How to Write SEO Friendly Articles in Your Blog, you must respond by including a link to your post or website.

That is the quickest method to acquire a lot of traffic from Quora.


In this post, I will show you how to generate visitors to your website quickly. If you want genuine and immediate traffic to your website, you must join all social media sites and post your content links.

How to Write SEO Friendly Articles in your Blog

With the help of Search Engine Optimization, content creators are growing or ranking their content on the first page of Google. Millions of organic traffic are visiting their website. The result is they are Earning Money with the help of their website because they are doing proper SEO in their content.

How to Write SEO Friendly Articles in your Blog

On-page SEO Techniques

SEO Friendly Title

The Title is critical in Search Engine Optimization. If your Title is not SEO Friendly, no one will click on your t title. You need to add your focus keywords in your Blog title and make a catchy Title that forces users to click on your Title.

Image SEO

You saw when someone searches on the Internet, what SEO is? In the Google pic tab, you can see thousands of images you can find because of proper image SEO.

How to do Image SEO

Image SEO is the critical step in the Blog. You want to find Free Copyright images Websites for your Blog, then choose one image related to your topic. 

Image SEO steps

  •  Use images (640×360) 
  •  Compress image 
  •  rename image to your Blog title 
  •  Use alt text images properly

Note: using the size of the image (640×360) is good, but if you can't find the exact size, you can choose the pic you want and easily compress the image size because if the image is 100kb or more, it can make your website running speed slow.

Start Heading With (H2)


In blogger or WordPress, the default heading of the post title is (H1). That's why we need to start our post heading with (H2). We need to add our focus keywords in the post title, so Google can easily remember our topic and rank our article with the other related topics in search engine Google.


Start your post with an intro. Use focus keywords in your Blog post starting point. It would help if you wrote a powerful introduction that users can read and be excited to read all articles. Tell your readers about your post in 4 or 5 short lines so users can quickly know your topic. You can also suggest some main points about your post in an intro.

If your intro is powerful, the user can read all your articles suitable for your Blog.

Main Body

In the main body of the blog post, you can tell your readers about your post topic with details. Write SEO Friendly blog posts using your focus keywords in your principal body.

Remember: You need to make your focus keywords Bold or italic

Note: Don't do too much keyword stuffing in your content. Add keywords in limits in simple words if you want to write 500 words post in a Blog. You need to add 7 to 10 keywords in your post, and if you are writing 1000 words article, you need to add 17 to 20 keywords in a blog post. 

Internal Linking for SEO

Add links in your post body. Suppose you write a category on the related topic of your post. In that case, you need to add your other related post link to the article. 

For example, suppose you are writing an article on Search Engine Optimization, and you have a proper SEO category. In that case, you need to add your other post link to the topic because if the user is reading your article, they are interested. They want to see your other post.


Write (1000+) Words Article

The dream of every blogger is to get Adsense approval fast so they can earn money. But many people don't know that How many posts require for AdSense?

Generally, suppose you have 30+ articles containing 1000+ words on each post, and you do a proper SEO in the center. In that case, you have a 100% chance to get AdSense approval.

Add Conclusion or Opinions 

You must include a conclusion or thoughts at the end of your article since you have told all about your post. Now, tell users what you think about this topic. What methods are you using, do you personally using this method Etc. 

When you tell users about your opinion, it can help your readers. There are a 100% chance readers can give you good feedback, share your article, and visit your website in the future.

SEO Friendly Permalink

Permalink is the link that you can see easily in the link bar. You want to make SEO Friendly Permalink; you need to put your focus keywords in your Permalink and don't make your Permalink too long. Write a medium-short Permalink that is no longer and no small and easily remember and read by users and search engines.

For example, suppose you are writing an article on SEO and want to tell users about SEO. In that case, your focus keyword is Search Engine Optimization

Your Permalink: HTTPS://

That is the proper SEO Friendly permalink.

Meta Description SEO

A meta description is a description that is showing when our article is on Google. First, we see Title, Permalink, and then Meta description. This process is the same as Permalink, but the difference is that we need to add only 150 words of description because Google doesn't show long meta descriptions. At the same, we need to add our focus keywords in the description.


Tags are essential for writing SEO Friendly articles. If you are using blogger, you can see the labels option in the right side setting menu. 

You can add your post-related labels so the reader can easily find all your posts related to your tags with a single click. 

( labels can also know as categories in blogger) 


In the post, I tell you all the essential SEO techniques that I use and still using. After doing proper SEO, I see many changes. I get organic traffic by Google search. I hope you will know that How to Write SEO Friendly articles in your Blog. If you are a beginner at blogging, this article will help you a lot. 
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